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Fat under the eyes from high cholesterol can be removed surgically, with a laser or chemical treatment. According to an article in the British Journal of Diabetes, if a person with eruptive xanthoma has diabetes, once the person has control of their blood sugar levels, a doctor does not prescribe statins or fibrates. Summary Eruptive xanthomas are small lesions that appear over the body as a result of fatty acids depositing themselves into the skin. The colonic glands showed a deformity in the case with moderate to intense density of the foamy cells. It does not matter how you will do it, it can be done using  Laser, Electrocautery unit, Hyfrecator, other equipment or cosmetic peels. Other reported locations include the nose, ear, penis, scrotum, vulva, upper and lower extremity. The resulting injury will be worse than the original problem.

Diffuse normolipemic plane xanthoma is characterized by large, yellow-brown flat, xanthomatous skin lesions usually involving the eyelids, sides of the neck, upper trunk, buttocks, and the …

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Comparison of Cell Suspension Transplantation Prepared From Plucked Hair Shafts, Excised Hair Follicles, and Epidermal Shave Biopsies in Vitiligo Patients: A Randomized Study. Adjuvant Use of a …

There is a wide spectrum of cosmetic procedures that depends on the size, number, location, and type of xanthoma you want to remove, as well as the exact type of procedure you need. Surgery or …

Possible Health Risks Associated with Xanthelasma If you have noticed the appearance of little yellow bumps around your eyes, you may have more to worry about than just xanthelasma. Approximately one-half of patients with Xanthelasma have high amounts of fats (lipids) in their blood, such as high cholesterol or high triglycerides. Even though it won’t hurt you, xanthelasma could be a sign that you’re more likely to get heart disease. Xanthelasma may be an early warning sign that cholesterol has started to build up in your blood vessels. Scars formations are very much dependent on: The level of precision of the equipment used The ability of the operator Generally, scars are likely after excision, in case the area treated has become infected or the dermis has been damaged during the excision.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Xanthelasma What are these little yellow marks on my eyelids? Even though it won’t hurt you, xanthelasma could be a sign that you’re more likely to get heart disease. Read More Scars following excision using a scalpel Scalpel Excision to be avoided Visible scar left by Scalpel Xanthelasma excision Xanthelasma Removal using Electrical Arc Electrical Arcing also referred to as fibroblast is one of the newest and most cost effective ways to remove Xanthelasma.

Eating a healthful diet An individual with dyslipidemia should eat a balanced diet how to say xanthelasma low in saturated fats, trans fats, and cholesterol. It is made from the seeds of Ricinus communis plant by extracting the oil. How to Use Castor Oil for Xanthelasma Can you use castor oil for xanthelasma successfully? I don’t need to use any make up nor filter on Instagram!Lately, I’ve started to get little yellow deposits on my eyelids, which I’m told are xanthelasma. The condition occurs slightly more often in men than in women, usually in people over the age of forty.

If these options don’t seem to work, other health factors may be at hand. He recommends that all these such patients must see their GPs and get their blood cholesterol checked and treated if their levels are sufficiently high to be dealt with together with a way of life adjustment including regular physical exercises. A PubMed search for keywords “statin and xanthelasma” and simvastatin and xanthelasma” yielded no relevant publications.

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